10 most popular Android Apps of 2011

Another year comes to an end today. And the yea was very happening especially when it comes to Android. Google this very year released its first tablet optimized OS the Honeycomb and now by the end released yet another version Ice cream sandwich. There was substantial development on the Android platforms. The Android market was plagued with almost all types of apps. Here we have compiled a list of 10 most popular apps for Android!

1-Angry Birds

Angry Birds that was initially released for iOS back in December 2009 became immensely popular and was soon released to Android users as well. Rovio Mobile, Finnish computer game developer claims having sold over 500 million copies of Angry Bird over different platforms including Android and iOS. Angry Bird is one of the most popular of apps of 2011.

2-Facebook messenger

Initially Facebook messenger seemed to have little point; nevertheless, with the popularity of Facebook the associated Facebook Messenger app has become equally popular! With over 41,000 Android users and yet maintaining a very good rating of 4 star, Facebook messenger has become one of the most popular apps of 2011. The popularity is not just due to the apps association with Facebook. The app has a simple and intuitive interface and the experience is quiet bug-free!


Skype needs no introduction. The app remains highest rated and most downloaded app on the Android Market. Syke has been very popular for making free skype-to-skype calls and also for calling on phone at minimal charges. With your Android Skype app you can video call your loved ones, send videos, images and files over skype. The app works on both Wi-Fi and 3G networks.  Skype has become imperative on my Android phone!

4-Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp messenger has 4 million users for Android alone and is, evidently, one of the most popular apps on the Android market for 2011! The app seeks to reshape the way we message today! The app allows you to send and receive message to any of your contacts, in any part pf the world free ( if using Wi-Fi or at  very less charges with cellular networks). One reason the app is popular is its cross-platform availability. The app is available on Blackberry, Apple and Symbian phones. The over-all concept and conception of the app is utterly useful. The app works with your cellular connection as well as on your Wi-Fi network, according to the preference you set. The app allows presents you with an option to send multimedia content, video, sound tracks, images etc. I am personally a fan of this app!

5-Opera Mini web browser

  Opera Mini is one of the most popular browsers for Android. Awe-inspiring interface and multiple functionalities all built-in a sleek   design yet the browser doesn’t feel cramped from any angle! With the Turbo option you can synchronize your desktop browser and your mobile, assisting you to keep the track of your work! Opera

6-Astro File Manager

Astro File Manager is a simple way to keep you organized. The app helps you manage your content including pictures, files videos etc and share them over Bluetooth and other Windows networks and SFTP. With the app you will also be able to compress your files, search them and perform other functions over them. The functionality of the app is not just limited to files alone! You can backup and restore your apps to keep your phone speedy as new.

7-Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader “The global standard for reliably viewing and sharing PDF documents” also remains the most popular app of 2011 with over million downloads.

8-Advanced task killer

People have been worried about processes and programs running in the background that eat up battery and resources of your phone. For conveniently force closing an app use ATK. When you open the app you shall see the processes running on your phone. Sometimes you will be surprised to see far more apps running on your phone then you expected. Simply check the apps and force close them. ATK is one of the most downloaded apps in the Android Market.

9-Easy Battery Saver + Task killer

Shortly launched to the market, the app has gained substantial popularity. With over 70,000 active Android users this is one of the most popular app of 2011. Android phones have a single big problem, the poor battery life. The app tends to address this problem of the users. Easy battery will extend your battery life some time even by as many as 10 hours!

10- Google Plus for Android

Google Plus too has become an essential for your Android phones. Google plus, though shortly launched, has stirred excitement in the google sphere. And consequently the associated app that is so crucial for the complete Google plus experience has become all the more important. keeping in touch with friends and family within your circles has never been so easy as with this app!

We anticipate some ground breaking apps in the Android Market in the new year! and we hop that Android Market comes at par with the iOS app store!