A relook at Sunflower file manager

Sunflower File Manager, the dream file manager that integrates into GNOME framework has now reached Alpha phase. Every since thedream twin-panel file manager began two years ago, the development team has made rapid progress with bugs and request made for each release being worked upon steadily and now officially features have been frozen (March 8). Additionally, the team head has announced that first stable version will be 0.2 following the long development cycle of 2years for version 0.1.

Sunflower 01a.40 is the latest version of this new file manager. In development stage yet, users have found bugs that need some working on. There are weekly releases now and need support on reporting bugs or feature requests by devs. It needs search, text reader, directory synchronization, editor and others like translations. The Russian translation needs to be worked upon and requires updates as well as some flow fixes.

Some of these bugs have been plugged- Application selection dialog failed to open is now fixed. Merge dialog showed reference problem and has been fixed; Accelerators for Shift + Tab are now fixed; an additional (duplicate) tab is provided if you middle click on the tab title bar. Racing condition occurring when a thread was being used to load directory condition is now fixed; another bug when terminal font setting from gconf was fixed. Now, the order in which data can be saved on tabs received a change.

Tarballs are available for Download

Installation in Ubuntu and LinuxMint via PPA

Open terminal and enter the following commands

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:atareao/sunflower

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install sunflower

While, there are other file managers for GNOME desktop such as Nautilus, there is subtle inadequacy that new file managers such as Sunflower fm will allow. Sunflower fm could well be the start of a new series where file managers work seamless with native GNOME desktop and yet be easy to use and offer a powerful and satisfying performance.

Why it will prove to be popular is its new desktop layout that allows two column-views with a tab-feature. Features such as Gvfs if on remote file systems can also be brought into normal directories. As the new series develops with additional packages under development at a furious phase, Sunflower fm is being tried by users who want greater flexibility, performance scalability and ease of use that will not prove to be out of synch with the GNOME environment.