5 Reasons why kids should use Linux

Perhaps the most difficult part of providing quality technical support is when you need to assist young minds in mastering the complexities of technology. Today children of all ages use computers and it becomes an essential part of their learning curve that they understand the basics of keeping their system going. This is made easier when they work on open source platforms such as Linux.


How would young children benefit from using Linux? Read on..

First reason-No malware no headaches

Most times, children would want to download almost anything they find interesting or would like to know more about. This means the sources from which they will access all of these are indeed beyond the purview of the parent. It could be attachments, applications and any other format, the sources remain mysterious most times. Probably the first advantage of using Linux would be that you will not have issues of malware and Viruses.

Second Reason-Secure, Safe

You will not have to worry about password allowing unnecessary privileges. As long you do not give the root password, you are safe.  Remember that for all other OS you will have to edit all the files to ensure privileged access to your young ones.

Third Reason-bare costs

How much does it take for you, both in terms of hardware as well as costs, to get a licensed OS or Windows Vista or 7 running on all the systems at home? Yes, pretty high costs. Now with an open source system things are fast track and you can create simple to complicated powerful distribution on almost bare hardware.

Fourth Reason-specific skills

Here is the most important part of the whole story. Linux has specific distributions as well as software that address the specific needs of young adults as well as children. These are Sugar for K-6, Edubuntu for 3-18years old, Linux KidX, for 2-15 years of age, Foresight Kids, for 3-12 years old. The list is long and these are some of the most interesting.

Fifth Reason-monitoring your kids’ content

Linux comes equipped with sophisticated tools to help you filter the content you child uses. These are the DansGuardina and the SquidGuard will help you to edit files – /etc/hosts so that you set the filtering parameters.  Moreover, it is very easy to lock down on what your kid is using without retorting to additional software. The multiple choices of all of the above will ensure that your young users system is secure for use without disturbing content filtering in.

Linux is the easiest platform for young ones to learn early. The flexibility and the scalable features make linux an easy favorite for most early users. Beginning early on the open source is definitely an advantage for your young one. The ease of using Linux and the immense possibilities and capacities of the Open Source will be large playing ground for the young mind to explore and create and exciting new world of possibilities by himself.