Amarok 2.8 “Return To The Origin” released

After hard working and Google Summer Of Code Amarok Team released a new version of Amarok on August 16. This version is Amarok 2.8 and its main goal is to go back to the origin where it all started, bringing back the original 1.x series. The title of this version of Amarok is “Return To The Origin”, which shows that the Amarok Team is dedicated to bring back the polish that all users love. What is any difference of this Amarok release from previous releases?

There are three things you should consider when comparing this version of Amarok with previous versions; it is solid, more fun to use and it has many  new features that will be exiting for every new user to Amarok. This is also the release that features the first code contributions by our current Google Summer of Code students and the release that reunited the Amarok Team by bringing back in board the project founder Mark Kretschmann.

Do you want to know more about this version of Amarok? Ok let me tell you something, there are many bugs fixed and changes in this release of Amarok. Some of the bug fixes include, fixed invalid SQL queries when you have files or folders with an apostrophe in your collection, fix incorrect colours in Context View toolbar when switching themes and removed broken Apply button in applets’ settings dialog.

I know that people want to read while they drink some juice fruit on the beach, so here is a list of  features and improvements of this Amarok Release:

– A fancy audio analyzer visualization applet
– Smooth fade-out when pausing music
– Many UI improvements and visual tweaks including better support for alternate color themes
– Significantly enhanced MusicBrainz tagger
– Power management awareness with a pair of new configuration options
– Performance optimizations and responsiveness tuning all over Amarok