Android Games make it to Humble Indies Bundle this time

Humble Indie Bundles are a popular package that is growing in popularity with each release. The previous release of Humble Indie Bundle 4 was in December last year, this time around it is a special, because all the games are for Androids.

Making it to the new bundle are four Android games, three of which are available for whatever price you choose to bid (the current average prices are $5.14 as against the $60 that it would cost if these games are bought separately), and the fourth will be yours for free, if you buy at a rate higher than the average rate. These Android games are built to work on Mac, Windows, Android as well as Linux.

The three games included in the package are Osmos, Edge and Anomaly: Warzone Earth. The fourth game, which is the bonus is an awesome game called the World of Goo, which is building puzzle game, built on physics concepts. Structures such as bridges and cannon balls in the game are built using globs of Goo, giving this game its name.

Anomaly is a ‘tower offense’ game and is newly released game.

Osmos is a more relaxed game with great music and a new game concept. The game is build a bigger molecule by absorbing smaller molecules and dodging the larger molecules.

Edge is animation game where a cube has to be navigated and the field changes as the game moves to higher levels.

While there were 7 games in the previous version, on assorted platform, this time around all the 4 games are built on the Android platform, making this an exclusive Android bundle. Humble Indie Bundles brought out by a company by the same name Humble Bundle Inc, has positioned its bundles in the free of Digital Rights Management category, and its uniqueness lies in its inclusive-pricing factor. This bundled generated $2.37m selling close to half a million bundles.

Gaming fans can pick up a bundle of the games at any price they want and, in addition, pledge the money to either the developer or any of the charities the organization supports. This innovative aspect of giving back to developers and the community has taken games out of the digital rights realm, allowing, independent game developers’ a life-times’ opportunity to sell their wares and garnering much needed support from the community as well.

Purchasing the Android bundle will also get the soundtracks of the games. The Charities you can support by purchasing the Android Humble Bundle are Child’s Play Charity and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Humble Bundle for Android are games that are a good mix and will be available until Feb 14th and you can download from here.

And there are some unconfirmed news that these games are likely to appear on a dedicated Humble Bundle Store, even as it offers direct widgets directly to the game.