Android taking over iOS, Market Share Graph

Apple might take the crown of introducing iPad back in 2010, Android has made tablet technology much more accessible. The latest report by ABI Research shows significant drop in iOS market share and a completely contrary trend prevalent in Android market. The finding from ABI Researches and other resources have been presented in a handy graph in this post analyzing the growth of Android.

In the olden days (by that I mean 2010) iPad was nothing short of a dream-device for a person with limited financial resources, Android actually made it possible from everyone to have their personal tablet! May it be a tablet for children, for readers, for businessmen perhaps anyone can now afford a tablet of their own, thanks to the open source and highly customizable nature of Android with facilitates diversity of devices. This is the one of the major reason why Apple is quickly losing its marketshare to Android. Furthermore, the open source Android has continued to innovate. Investigating Android’s life to date you will notice the platform has immensely evolved; while Apple continues with its basic iOS launched back in 2010 with minor tweaks.

Gartner Study 2011 suggested that Android would not take lead even in 2015. Android would claim 38% in 2015 however, the actual share of Android has already surpassed 44%. Analyst from Finvista Advisors, Sameer Singh claims that Android might outsmart iPad by mid-2013. Read the complete analysis here.

Study by Gartner 2011 is summarized in a table below.