Apache OpenOffice 3.4 released!

After having to fight with strange corporate tides, controversial management strategies and finally the danger of completely dying, OpenOffice was “donated” to the Apache Software Foundation almost one year ago. Today we had the announcement of the first release of OpenOffice under the governance of the Apache Software Foundation.

“With the donation of OpenOffice.org to the ASF, the Foundation, and especially the podling project, was given a daunting task: re-energize a community and transform OpenOffice from a codebase of unknown Intellectual Property heritage, to a vetted and Apache Licensed software suite,” said Jim Jagielski, ASF President and an Apache OpenOffice project mentor. “The release of Apache OpenOffice 3.4 shows just how successful the project has been: pulling in developers from over 21 corporate affiliations, while avoiding undue influence which is the death-knell of true open source communities; building a solid and stable codebase, with significant improvement and enhancements over other variants; and, of course, creating a healthy, vibrant and diverse user and developer community.”

If you want to read the full changelog and learn about the new features and key improvements that took place take a look at the release notes.
How to install OpenOffice