Bitwig Studio: The Dawn of New Music Production and Performance Software

Bitwig, the Germany based international software music software company founded by music enthusiasts, has announced their new product: Bitwig Studio. The software provides natural environment to create music and sound. The experts who have developed the

software have extensive experience in the field of music technology industry. They have vision of providing cutting-edge technologies for music production, live performance and collaboration.


As per the developers, Bitwig Studio is multi-platform music creation software that would help the music composers and lovers in the production, performance and Djing. Special emphasis has been laid on tools for editing the music and performing the editing at fast speed.

Here are some of the prominent features of Bitwig Studio:

1) Multitrack recording: This tool enables the composers and music creators to record and produce the music in a very fast and easier manner. The wide range of editing tools provides lots of power and flexibility.

2) Arranger clip launcher: This feature lets you spontaneously sketch your songs as it allows you trigger the clips in real-time manner.

3) Mixer clip launcher: Mixer clip launcher is very useful for live music performances and Djing. It provides alternative view of the clip launcher along with the mixer.

4) Generic records: The generic records enable the composer to accept any kind of music material. Audio and notes can be brought on the same tracks and you can interchange their places.

5) Track automation: Besides providing automation on traditional tracks, Bitwig Studio also provides facility of automation inside the clips in the clip launcher and arranger modes.

6) Per-note automation: The composers can apply pitch variations on the individual notes by using the piano roll and perform editing functions like panning, timbre and volume curves.

7) Editing multitracks simultaneously: This feature enables the music producers to edit the multiple tracks at the same time. The composer can see all the tracks they are working on in juxtaposed manner and can easily isolate the ones they want to edit.

8) Multiple audio events per clip: If you wish to have multiple audio events in your audio clip, this feature of Bitwig Studio can be very useful.

9) Real-time stretching: The proprietary technology developed by Bitwig helps you match virtually all types of audio material in the document tempo and sync them all.

10) Device nesting: The nesting feature enables the music producer to nest the devices and save them as the preset.

There and many more features are provided by Bitwig Studio. Some of the features that are slated to come in the upcoming versions include:

1) LAN multi-user jamming: This allows multiple users to jam on the same document and captures the activity of all the users.

2) Multi-user music production on internet: With this feature the Bitwig Studio users from all parts of the world can compose the music on the same document just like any Word document. The work done by all the users is kept in sync.

3) Native Modular system: This highly creative feature enables the composers to create their own instruments and effects and also modify the existing ones. You can also design their appearance and share them with others.

The beta version of Bitwig Studio is available, get the beta invite at: