Browsers Growth Analysis 2010-2012 [Infograph]

Gradually our computing trends are changing in favor of cloud. Today we tend to do most of our works in the cloud via our web-browsers, from storing files to accessing them, sharing files or collaboratively editing them; every other task is rendered in our web browser, making web browsers all the more important desktop program.

On the other hand, web browsers too, are adding features and offering extended capabilities to consumers to make their web browsing experience even more productive. Each browser is striving to take lead in market share and engage more consumers. Stats indicate the competition among browsers is heating up as Google’s Chrome quickly climbs up out seating the so-far popular browser Firefox. The post analyses data by StatCounter to investigate the market share of popular browsers.

Google’s rather new web browser Chrome unseated Firefox– the heart-throb of millions of tech geeks back in 2011 claiming significant Firefox users. Since then Firefox has not been able to beat Chrome and claim its users back. Looks like Firefox users are really bothered by the rapid release cycle of Firefox, that the web browser integrated copying Chrome. Firefox fans also detest the chromization of Firefox, after all competition doesn’t mean replicating each other; rather competition is all about adding new features while maintaining your own distinct identity. No matter what, Firefox market share continue to decrease this year too. Over the year 2010 the Firefox claimed a healthy 31.27% of market share that reduced to 28.2% market share in successive year and has now further reduced to 24.33%.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s IE too continues to contribute its market share to Google Chrome. IE claimed market share of 51.45% over the year 2010 decreased to 42.93% of market share in 2011 loosing 8.52% of market share. The market share continues to decline, accounting now for just 33.86% market share.

Chrome has climbed up the browser share successively in 2010,2011 and 2012 with 10.25%,21.08% and 31.81% market share respectively. The graph below indicates a tremendous increase in the growth of Google’s browser. To date the browser has increased 210% of its share back in 2010, which is commendable. Major factors deriving audience towards Google’s browser is its sleek UI, fast web surfing and number of add ons available via web store. Personally, I love Chrome for its synchronization feature; making open tabs available on all devices (sync- somewhat better than Mozilla’s Firefox)

Having discussed the trends in the browser’s market share we conclude by saying a healthy competition ensures beneficial end product for users.