Claws Mail: An Email Client And News Reader

Claws Mail is a lightweight and fast e-mail client and newsreader, based on GTK+. It supports POP3, APOP, IMAP, SMTP, SMTP AUTH, NNTP, LDAP, multiple accounts, spell-checking, addressbook, SSL, GPG, filtering, i18n, and more.


Claws Mail provides the following features:

– Multiple accounts

– Threaded display

– Filtering

– Mime attachments

– Usenet news reading and posting

– SSL over POP3, SMTP, IMAP4rev1 and NNTP protocols

– GnuPG support (with GPGME)

– User-defined headers

– Colour labels

– Multiple MH folder support

– Mbox import/export

– External editor

– Message queueing and drafting

– Automated mail checking

– Line-wrapping

– Clickable URIs

– Addressbook

– Printing

Available Plugins

It supports the following useful plugins:

– Bogofilter

– Dillo HTML Viewer

– PGP/Core

– PGP/Inline



– SpamAssassin

– Trayicon

For complete list of features and plugins, visit here.

Install Claws mail On Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Add the Claws Mail PPA with command:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:claws-mail/ppa

Update the packages list:

$ sudo apt-get updte

Install Claws Mail using the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install claws-mail

For other distributions download the latest version from here and install it.

Launch Claws Mail

Open it up either from your Dash or menu. The first time you will asked to setup your mail accounts. Click Forward to setup mail accounts.

Claws Mail Setup Wizard_003Enter your name and email address.

Claws Mail Setup Wizard_004Enter your mail username and password. Select POP or IMAP  from the Server type drop-down box. Click Forward to continue.

Claws Mail Setup Wizard_005Enter the SMTP server details and click Forward.

Claws Mail Setup Wizard_006Enter the name for your mail box.

Claws Mail Setup Wizard_007When you’re done, click Save.

Claws Mail Setup Wizard_008That’s it now you’ll able to send/receive messages.

sk - Claws Mail 3.9.1_011For more details about usage of Claws Mail, visit the official help page here.