How To Create An ISO Image With genisoimage Tool

Dear unixmen reader,

In this article I will teach you how to create an iso image from your files with the genisoimage tool.

What is genisoimage?

genisoimage is a pre-mastering program to generate ISO9660/Joliet/HFS hybrid filesystems. It is capable of generating the System Use Sharing Protocol records (SUSP) specified by the Rock Ridge Inter‐ change  Protocol. This is used to further describe the files in the ISO9660 filesystem to a Unix host, and provides information such as long filenames, UID/GID, POSIX permissions, symbolic links, and block and character device files.

1. Open a new terminal (CTEL + ALT +T in Ubuntu )  and run the following command to create a disk image.

genisoimage -o cd.iso cd_dir

2. Use the ls command to verify the iso image is created.