Finally the File Manager of your dreams-spotlights on the Sunflower

The dream was for a Gnome integrated File Manger. Yes, surprisingly file managers are making to dreams of geeks and this file manager is the result of one such dream. Named Sunflower, this file manager is a true hands-on code, which most will like to explore and want to contribute.



The intention was to take it beyond the capabilities of the much loved Midnight Commander. The dream was to overcome the limitations of speed and lack of options using the Gnome Commander, Tux and others. Developed in Python, it is a twin-panel file manager for Linux.

Sunflower Licensing Policy

The sunflower developer has chosen the all-encompassing license structure GNU GPLv3 and presently offers weekly releases. Some users liken it to Dolphin, a rich-feature browser and some to Nautilus (without the ton of dependencies required for gnome) file manager. Sunflower is a neatly packaged file manager for those on the lookout for feature rich file managers as well as speed in an OFM.

Sunflower Features

With a minimalist footprint, Sunflower, is a highly customizable dual pane file manager designed for high level integration with Gnome and unlimited Linux plugins. A host of short cuts, easy to use features running on Gnome libraries itself, make this a lightweight yet robust file manager. It is a dream file-manager with features that users will enjoy configuring it according to their likes and type of desktop environment.

On the Sunflower File manager, it is easy to create files. Terminal tabs too make their debut here for gnome. Attractive features such as progress dialogs that can be hidden, book marks menu that has active mounts, auto-detection of new mounts and the options dialog ensures configuration is made easy. You can download and explore the bright, fresh file manager on this link.

Here are some screenshots to give you first-hand info on how these would look.


Developed in Python , the dual pane system endears the sunflower to all as it allows for opening of additional cards and navigation becomes a pleasure. So is movement of files from one window to the next by click-and-drag movement. However, since GTK+ has higher installations in comparison to Gnome, features such as thumbnail factory are made optional.

Experiences with Sunflower seem to be better than Thunar, with many more options and scalable/extendable with plugins. GTK themes are what give this that light, airy and fresh feel epitomizing its name Sunflower.

Sunflower is in the process of blooming and has the some issues such as lack of support for smb/ssh connections and increasing the number of shortcuts. Presently these are available as customizable features and there are several of them available as of now. Directory size is yet to be implemented. Status bar to be displayed only when a selection is made.

Alternatives to Sunflower File Manager is available and need to be explored to realise why the Sunflower file manager is a dream.

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