Firefox 17 launched with FB built-in

Mozilla Firefox, is Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundations’ web browser that runs on open source technologies and is available as free download for users. Firefox has been developed by the above stakeholders for Microsoft Windows, Linux as well as OS X.

Its latest stable release is the Firefox 17. Available with a host of new features, Firefox 17 offers users the core features that have made Firefox one of the most popular and technology-rich browsers today.
Currently running a close third in the browser war, after Chrome and Internet Explorer, Firefox version 17 could well be what takes it to the top of the browser war.
Issues fixed
The immediate issues of 4.2 instability, inaccuracies with text deletion as well as Jelly Beans for the touch version have received fixes.
However, the telling feature of Firefox 17 is the Facebook integration feature, though it is a preview yet.
Face Book integration with Social Sidebar
Face Book makes a direct debut on browsers with Firefox 17’s new social API. It allows the direct integration of social sites with the browser. Yet, in its preview stage, the new Social API allows chatting with other social site members perform all of the social activities, namely reading messages, confirming friend requests as well as viewer-notifications. All of these are to be available on the Social Sidebar.
Users with older versions of plugins are provided warnings to let them know they need to update their plugins along with the loading option. Sandbox attributes are also enhanced for frames thereby bringing-in more security features.
Additional Updates
The ‘awesome bar’ or the smart URL bar has received further updates as are fixes for most of the other noted bugs. These total-up to nearly twenty performance improving fixes. A New Tab page has been added and close to 16 security holes too have been fixed, where nearly 6 of these were critical issues.
The main disappointing feature with the new update is that Firefox 17 will not support Mac OS’s X 10.5, ‘leopard’ version.
Developers will now have special tools on Firefox 17. These include the Web Console, The Developer Toolbar as well as the Debugger. These have been improved for speed and better performance. A latest Markup panel is now available on the Page inspector for simplification and editing of the DOM.
New Support Release
With Firefox 17 a new method support is being adopted. This is the new Extended Support Release (ESR) and will be available along with Firefox 10.0.11 ESR. The purpose of such releases is largely for enterprise use, where organizations need a longer-term, stable version release.
As of the present, Firefox ESR 17.0 will undergo the qualification process and along with the first Firefox ESR17 update, Mozilla will also release the 10.0 X branch update.
With the 17.0.2 release, the first fully qualified 17.0 X version will be expected.