Firefox 30 Officially Released!

Mozilla has officially released Firefox 30 for all supported operating systems. Firefox 30 is minor release as compared to 29 that came in with many new changes and complete user interface design. Some new features have been introduced in both desktop and mobile versions including the addition of new languages. Series of changes in were also implemented in the developer version of Firefox 30.

Below is summarized list of new features:


  • Access to social, bookmark, & history sidebars via the new sidebar button.
  • Mac OS X command-E sets find term to selected text.
  • Linux users have GStreamer 1.0 support.


  • Add web content to home page panels using Home Feeds Add-On.
  • Add Quickshare buttons to Context menu
  • New languages: Belarusian [be], Argentine Spanish [es-AR], Mexican Spanish [es-MX], Indonesian [id], Latvian [lv], Malay [ms]

Credit: Firefox Release Notes