GeeXboX 3.0 comes with XMBC 11 and PRV!

GeeXboX is a media center distribution that is built to transform your desktop or embedded device into a complete multimedia box. To achieve this, GeeXboX provides a full set of applications for the management and playback of audio, video and photographs.

Version 3.0 was released today bringing the new magnificent version of XMBC and also the long awaited PRV support. This means you can finally use GeeXboX to watch and record live TV too!

XMBC basically works as a frontend for GeeXboX, allowing users to easily manage, navigate and playback their media. Through XMBC, you can also change settings, browse the web, use media related on-line services that are integrated in the application and download extras like plugins and themes!

In version 3.0, you will also get PVR support for DVB Digital TV, to watch and record live TV and Improved remote control support. This is very important as this distribution can run in many remote controlled devices. The rest of new features include:

  • – Support for Full HD videos on PandaBoard
  • – Support for Full HD videos on Cubox
  • – Improved HDD installation
  • – Installation support for (U)EFI systems
  • – Installation support for SSD’s

What about the system? That isn’t left behind either. GeeXboX 3.0 is using Linux kernel 3.4.4, Xorg 1.11.4, Mesa 8.0.3 and SystemD 188.

Support for audio and video drivers is more than heaping and I don’t suppose you’ll encounter any problems on this field. What is interesting to take a look at though, is what devices are supported…

If you are using an old PowerPC you can download GeeXboX anything before version 2.0 to transform your old Macintosh into a media center!

Check the download page to find what spin is the right one for you, and give a useful multimedia role to an abandoned/underused device, with this magnificent Linux distribution.