Scientific and Mathematical Application Kartesio 1.0 is out now. Install it on Ubuntu Linux

Kartesio Featured Image

Kartesio is a scientific and mathematical application which is used in laboratories for evaluating experimental data. It uses regression algorithm or neural networks to calculate the best fit curve. It uses experimental points during the calculation operations.  It is a free application and works on almost all flavors of Linux operating systems and Microsoft Windows OS. Originally it is designed to run on KDE desktops, but it works fine on GNOME, Unity etc. The most recent version Kartesio 1.0 is out now. Let’s see how we can install it on Ubuntu 15.04. According to developer’s comments in the release notes, KDElibs is no longer being used by this application rather new version uses QT framework.

Installing Kartesio 1.0 on Ubuntu 15.04

Before we go ahead with the installation of Kartesio 1.0, our Ubuntu system should have following two packages installed. These are considered to be dependencies/pre-requisites for Kartesio.

  • libqt5script5
  • wxmaxima

Both these packages are already included in the Ubuntu package manager repositories, simply launch your terminal and run following command to install them.

 sudo apt-get install libqt5script5 wxmaxima

As soon as the installation of these two is complete, download Kartesio 1.0 installer package for your ubuntu system from following URL. (Both 32 and 64-bit installer packages are available, choose the one that suits your operating system architecture).

Download Kartesio 1.0

Kartesio Download

Once the download process is complete, use terminal and go to your download location, here run following command to install this latest version.

 sudo dpkg –i kartesio_1.0-1*.deb

This is how successful install process looks like.

Kartesio Install

Once the installation is over, launch it from Applications menu. If you are not able to locate it under Applications menu, no need to worry, simply run following command on the terminal:

 sudo /usr/bin/kartesio 

Congratulations, Kartesio 1.0 is loaded now, start using this wonderful app.



This tool is lightweight and fast, installation process is super easy and you can find out more details about usage of this app on its Wiki page. If you are using Linux distribution other than Ubuntu, you will need to follow source installation process (configure, make, make install) for Kartesio .