Install Sayonara Player In Elementary OS / Ubuntu / Linux Mint

Sayonara is a small, clear and fast audio player for Linux written in C++, supported by the Qt framework. It uses Gstreamer as audio backend. Although Sayoanra is considered as a lightweight player, it holds a lot of features to organize even big music collections.

Sayonara_aboutMost of them are known from the bigger and well known audio players but the main focus during developing (in contrast to many other players) has been performance, low CPU usage and low memory consumption.

One of Sayonara’s goals are intuitive and easy usability never leading to the impression you are using an unnecessary bloated program. Currently it is only available for Linux.

Main Features

– Many supported music and playlist formats

– Media library with search function

– (Dynamic) playlists

– Equalizer

– Metadata editor

– Last.FM radio and scrobbling

– Internet streams

– Stream recorder

– Podcasts

– Lyrics

– 2 skins

Figure below shows Sayonara in Elementary OS Luna.


Install Sayonara Player

Sayonara is available in .deb, .rpm and tarball.


32 Bit

64 Bit


32 Bit

64 Bit

 When package have been downloaded cd into the directory, for Ubuntu or debian based users.

$ sudo dpkg -i <package name>

If there are dependency errors, Run the command below to fix:

$ sudo apt-get install -f

You can download tarball here. Also check the download page for more and other languages supported.