Is Android malware capable of devouring your children?

evil android

The whole Android world is reeling in shock. Reports of Android being plagued by malware attacks are coming in from various sections. And there is a genius who has taken it on himself to report ‘bu-haáki’ that malware attacks have seen a whopping 2000% increase. Popular among such ‘bu-haáki’ reporting is the report that particularly vicious forms of malware that can reach out to you from your computer and gobble-up your young ones. The Google play store has been reportedly plagued by viruses which render it a risk to the many Android users. Sound anything like a rival smear campaign?

Before you decide to put away your Android devices fearing the safety of your kids, let’s try and get some perspective on the whole thing. Malware is a very real threat. It affects almost all the major platforms without any distinction. The only reason why Android is targeted is because it is very extensively used. A few years ago (and probably even today), Microsoft was prone to all kinds of security attacks including malware. The simple reason behind this being that Microsoft was popular and very extensively used by users around the world. It follows logically that Android which enjoys a similar status should also be susceptible to such attacks.

Focusing on reality, Android isn’t prone to attacks the way Microsoft was. Malware problems are exceedingly common with laptops and PC’s, but Android Malware infestations have been virtually unheard of. Android Malware exist without a hint of doubt. But security experts are ridiculously paranoid about the extent of danger it poses. These concerns are then grotesquely exaggerated into unwanted ‘bu-haáki’ and then fed to the public. The Google play store is highly secure, if you can stick to it for downloading all your games and apps and also avoid clicking on any un-trusted links, you will be clear of any such attacks. Before you download something, be sure to look for user reviews.

You need to carefully evaluate your app purchases based on experiences of previous users. This will generally be more than sufficient to keep out Malware. However, Android seems to falter at enterprise level. Although, irrespective of what Android does, Samsung has begun work on Knox, Samsung’s very own security system which intends to aid the tormented IT admins who have to deal with the rising BYOD trend. Samsung looks all set to take on BlackBerry in this new segment. More and more manufacturers are expected to take the cue from Samsung and come up with their own security system to safeguard Android devices.

Despite the manufacturer’s security system move, Google assures it’s users that Android is a great deal safer than expected. Google is not perturbed by any erroneous reporting. Google has been repeatedly urging their users to be highly selective in downloading apps. The Jelly Bean version also has a security feature which verifies apps that are to be installed onto your device. Google doesn’t consider this a threat of major proportions yet, but the Android platform is ever evolving to fight these security attacks.

There is no reason to fear any monstrous creature; nothing is out to get your children. Android is very much secure today and shall remain so for some time to come.