LibreOffice Initiates Templates and Extensions Repository for Beta Testing

LibreOffice, the famous office suite, can be improved further- thanks to the countless number of templates and extensions. These goodies are available for download and users can enhance the functionality of the suite to tailor it according to their needs. Plus developers can write add-ons and then share them among millions of people worldwide.


LibreOffice invites developers to write add-ons and contribute them towards the community. It also has a public review process that would guarantee reliability and quality.

This repository not only provides tools for LibreOffice suite, but also for other compatible office suite programs like

Users can have the most famous templates and extensions, and add more features to them now. You can find the beta testing of the website at:


This has been made possible with the help of Plone community, which has contributed its technology to create the solution. Reviews are written by community volunteers who have tested the extensions. Since all extensions submitted at the time of beta testing will remain there in the repository even after the testing phase, this is the right moment for developers to contribute with their own add-ons.