Manjaro Linux 0.8.9 Receives Its Third Update Pack

Hi Manjaro Geeks,

What’s up guys? I have some really nice news about your favourite linux distribution Manjaro Linux which has received its third update pack with some new linux kernels and new packages.

With this update Manjaro 0.8.9 hasd move to python 3.4 and also all python related packages got updated to work with the new release.

This update brings Virtualbox 4.3.10 to Manjaro and an updated Calligra software: Calligra got its first point release and got updated to 2.8.1.

Current supported kernels:

  • Linux34 3.4.84 – longterm stable kernel
  • Linux38 – stable extended support kernel maintained by Canonical
  • Linux310 3.10.34 – our default kernel series for Manjaro 0.8.9
  • Linux311 – stable extended support kernel maintained by Canonical
  • Linux312 3.12.15 – longterm stable kernel
  • Linux313 3.13.7 – current stable kernel

If you like to update your system, open a new terminal and run the following command.

sudo pacman -Syu