Nightingale music player

Hi friends today i will share about a very interesting music player which is based on songbrid


Heard of it ? No ? No problem here lets see what makes Nightingale a good choice for mac users who have migrated to Linux from apple  😀

Nightingale lets you make customize your player looks, feathers, controls with help of addons (just like firefox) and many more.

Interface And Looks

The interface of the player looks like itunes but its not completely duplicate of itunes

Screenshot 1



Screenshot themes 1 Screenshot themes 2 Screenshot themes 3


You can sync your music folder with Nightingale

Screenshot 2


Addons are the most interesting part which makes this music player much more awesome

there are good number of addons you can install it from their official website

Screenshot 3


NOTE: You can access the addons webpage from your music player or browser

you can install addons which you have downloaded and install them under tools section


Music streaming this is another best feature of this player

soundcloud anddon is installed by default in the latest version of the Nightingale.

Screenshot 4

If you like other services like Beatport or any online radio streaming can be found in addons for the same on their site as well


If your tired of the old theme setting there is one plugin that help you transform your Nightingale’s look with help of addons which can also be found on their official website

some addons are :

1.Big Beat (The most popular)


Custom Music Artwork

If you hate the default album artwork which comes with your music by default or you have downloaded it from some other website that has their watermark and you which to replace with with your custom made artwork or the original movie/album poster.

You can simple click and drag the custom image to the left bottom where it says “Now Playing”.

Or simply right click on the image which is presented by default and select get artwork this will find

the original artwork from the internet and apply it (just like itunes) you can do it from tools tab.

Screenshot artwork

There is much more in Nightingale explore and share us your experience.

Nightingale is not preferred by many users as it lacks in addons and has little annoying bugs addons are the strong pillars of this player without addons Nightingale isn’t worth for daily use if you want more features.