Now, pay attention to the latest Calculate Linux 11.9

Here is an understated Gentoo-based project Calculate Linux with its just release version 11.9. It is a source-based distribution aimed at businesses and calculatelinux-142x82corporate who prefer the flexibility of open-sourced software (low cost price, minimal hardware, and unlimited use on all of their systems). The software

typically ‘calculates’ the necessary utilities for configuration, building and installation of systems.

The reason CalculateLinux makes excellent business software is that, it offers easy management between proprietary and open source, especially Windows and Linux clients. With a good collection of pre-configured functions, Calculate Linux 11.9 adds to its earlier capabilities.

CalculateLinux has three distros and adds fourth in new version

It offers complete client-server solution, quick installation across the business processes, seamless with varied networks, and supports rolling-release on binary updates. High interaction build supports easy administration and creation of new ISO images. Installation is supported on USB-Flash, HDD and LiveCD. Compatible with Gentoo and binary repository updates.

Until this new update, the CalculateLinux consisted of three distinguished distributions. Earlier flavors-Calculate Linux Desktop, Calculate Directory Server, and Calculate Linux Scratch.

Calculate Directory Server distro or CDS is an excellent open source software substitute for Windows NT domain controller, with very easy to and Linux clients through LDAP as well as SAMBA. It is very easy to deploy and can be up and running in a matter of few minutes. It supports LDAP, Mail, Jabber and several such other functions.

Calculate Linux Desktop KDE/GNOME distro or CLD augments Server and together provide additional features – like roaming profiles as well as centralized software.

Calculate Linux is ideal for several ranges of hardware and can be optimized for efficient work processes.

Calculate Linux latest version 11.9

The latest version, Calculate Linux 11.9, adds a fourth flavor Calculate Media Center to Calculate Linux and updates the remaining three distros.

Features added/updated

Following up on the new distro some, essential changes are included—

Booting includes changes such as with – Local user profiles update follows a new methodology – changes will be included only on installation of programs. This feature has fast-tracked login, setting up of user profiles and enabling root user to Calculate Linux Scratch. Now an indigenous Startup script graphical session replaces KDM/GDM.

Installation support now extends to soft Raid partition as well as LVM partitions running on soft Raid; Btrfs, nilfs2 and a patch for jfs is included; ext4 now becomes default file system when installed.

An interesting new feature is allowing installation for single use and in this mode, logging in without entering password is possible. This is a default feature on CalculateMediaCentre distro.

A main feature update on Desktop is the addition of templates. These are useful in creating icons for main programs and incidentally do not disappear from the bottom panel during update, even when the icon files are named again.

For Chromium browser an AdBlock and Plug-in is included.

The software versions are available too and the update CalculateLinux 11.9 is available for download here.

Bugs and other issues to be reported here.