Power Off comes back in GNOME

Democracy always wins!! It took almost two years for GNOME Developers to release that the majority of users were unhappy with the Suspend option instead of the standard Power Off.

So it is time to make the things right – or not?

Alternative Status Menu is the most popular extension on extensions.gnome.org, and now is useless. Well, if I was this extension developer I would be very agree about it !!
It would be really funny if Alternative Status Menu extension would set as default the Suspend option instead of Power Off and be again the most popular extension 🙂

When GNOME developers decided to implement this functionality, they did it coz they thought that GNOME would be running on small touchscreen devices that suspending has more meaning than shutting down. And here we are, 2 years later with GNOME not be anywhere near to “touch”. Who can predict the future anyway ?

The commit on gnome’s git was made by Florian Müllner and follows the User Menu Design Mockups.

Florian said

Technically those are minor changes, but people will love us anyway:

– change the default of the <alt>ernative to “Power Off”
– remove “Online Accounts” item
– regroup the remaining items
– remove ellipses from labels

I am not quite sure, but I guess we will see that on upcoming 3.6.