Protect Your Online Privacy With PrivacyFix

PrivacyFix is yet another Google Chrome add-on from AVG that indicates you how your online activity is being tracked and help you to fill up the security holes of your online activities. It works inside your browser which means no personal data is sent or shared. Also it indicates which settings need attention and fix the issues with just one click.

This extension can automatically check your privacy settings across various social websites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Google and then displays the results and explains the settings needs to be tweak to tighten up your privacy.


– You can make Facebook as private as you you want it to be.

– Revoke data permissions from stale apps in Facbook.

– You can control how you appear in the search results

– You can stop being tracked by facebook.

– You can review key settings from Linkedin.

– You can find if people can see when you see their profile in Linkedin.

– You can decide whether Google keeps your search history or not.

– You can see what your searches are worth to Google.

– In general websites, you can see which sites may be sharing your Email.

– You can get privacy and security warnings when you visit a website.

– You can find if you are tracking by somebody and stop them right now with just one click.

Install PrivacyFix On Google Chrome

Go to PrivacyFix website from your Chrome browser and click on the link Get PrivacyFix for Chrome.

Privacyfix - Lock down your privacy - Chromium_002How it works?

When you installed PrivacyFix add-on, a new tab will open automatically and tells you which settings needs attention and explains them how to fix. All settings are self explanatory, read them and lock down your privacy from online trackers.

Privacyfix - Lock down your privacy - Chromium_003It will display all your currently logged in social networks privacy settings. Read them and click on the Fix button to enhance your online privacy.

(3) Facebook Ads - Chromium_004Also it will show how the companies make money by tracking of your online activities and you can easily stop them with just one click. It doesn’t show exactly all the privacy settings in your Social networks, but it will fix some important critical ones.