Quick Tip: Convert .NRG To .ISO Format Easily Using nrg2iso On Ubuntu

As you may know .NRG is the default output format of the Nero software. If you want to convert the .Nrg file to .ISO, then you can give a try to nrg2iso. It is a command line tool to extract the ISO9660 CD image data from Nero “.nrg” files. Even it shows the progress bar while conversion.


Install nrg2iso On Ubuntu / Linux Mint

nrg2iso is available in the Ubuntu universe repository. To install it On Ubuntu and its derivatives, enter the following command from your Terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install nrg2iso


Usage is pretty simple. The default syntax is:

$ nrg2iso <nrg-file> <iso-file>



          Display the help screen.


          Display the version

The .nrg file will be converted to .iso and saved in the current directory.