Smitten with “Draw Something”? Here are some Drawing Apps | Android

draw something


Has the creative artist within you always been forced into hibernation, since catering to its artistic needs entailed tools that seemed too much of a hassle forcing your creativity into dormancy? Have colors always intrigued your intuitive desires but the required accessories were too much of an irk? Relax- we have just what the doctor ordered

for you. Come unleash your wild side of creativity & indulge yourself in colors & yes it’s addictive!! We have no choice but to plead guilty in spoiling you when it comes to pampering your color buds. The wide range of assortments we offer in the form of Android apps are remarkably user friendly, making using these apps seem like a child’s play. Are you ready to put your decision making ability into serious jeopardy? The reason being the amazing features each app has to offer, making it hard to translate a single into a choice.

Fresco Lite

Besides being laden with the basic features of drawing & sketching, this app amasses a highly sensitive user interface empowered by features like ability to blur, sharpen or emboss along with various coloring options. Additional traits that give this app its ingenuity are options to affect dullness, merge, duplicate & mirror different layers. If that was enough the supplementary feature in your cache within this app extend your option to social media sites incorporation like Facebook, Twitter& Dropbox etc allowing you to share your . Still craving for more options? Fresco Pro’s the way to go.

Canvas Pro

In the pursuit to give others a run for their money is this app that packs in its punch key elements like options to work in layers & looping. In addition, its power punch features what one may also call its primary attributes such as choices in smudging, dodging & burn features, well complimented by ability to custom brush your own sketches along with the option to import to be edited & resurrected by the strokes of your imagination. Just when you thought that was all, we hate to disappoint you by saying no as following right behind those perceptive features, you have multi touch, zooming & panning all set to make this app matchless. Its available for download on Google Play.

Sketchbook Pro

Developed by Autodesk. It is said to be based on the same mechanism as the PAINT in the desktop computers, which is why it is not surprising that most android users find it exceedingly user friendly & is typically in vogue. Additional features such as the Toolset coupled with a simplified user interface is bound to tickle your creative bone, heartening you to take a roller coaster ride with your own master strokes.


Yet another drawing app, right off the assembly line is the doodledroid offering you along with the typical basic drawing & sketching features are alternatives like highly touch receptive brushing, panning, and smudging options with the ability to retract with undo & redo options. Since we’ve already spoiled you, bombarding you with features, one atop another, having turned your appetite into insatiability, how can your craving ever be fulfilled without the option to import & share? This is exactly what’s next in this app.

Draw Something

What happens when drawing collides with gaming? The app DRAW SOMETHING is born. This app offers you a word that you need to creatively draw & send to your online friend who has 5 guesses to get the word right, aided by hints & your friend can reciprocate the same way taking turns. Endorsing your artistic innovations is the color pack to go with your drawings. It’s available on Google Play for free.

How to Draw

Wondering what else could be on the menu? This is an app that will appeal to the beginners or starters. It offers over 70 really simple sketches & drawings enabling you to get a grip on that confidence you’ve always been aching for, turning it into bright encouragement as you move from drawing cars, animals to cartoons & fairytale characters. Drawing couldn’t have gotten simpler as your mere single stroke sketching gets transformed into live images. This too comes free on Google Play.


Once again straight from the menu for beginners, this app too extends invaluable help in allowing first timers to draw, paint & doodle with the help of its embedded tools. Options to change backgrounds, adorn your sketches & photographs, change backgrounds make it quite futuristic. Besides having the brush preview mode to preview before applying it equips you further to share your creations on the social media.