Some Android apps to Turn you into a Professional Photographer

Android photography apps

Android photography apps

If you are a photographer looking to nurture and develop your skills, the Android platform will offer you some startling choices. There are many applications that are designed to help photographers in varied ways. Since android is an open platform for development of applications, it empowers developers to use and experiment applications, which is one of the prime reasons behind the availability of so many applications. Here’s your guide to some applications that are designed to help you become the master of photography.

•           Photoshop: Well, all photography related application lists are worthless without the mention of this Adobe product. It’s available for the android platform is fully loaded all the power features. You can use and edit photos from your account at, and sharing is easy with this application. There are many tools there to be used, so get yourself acquainted with the entire software in advance.

•           PhotoWonder: This application is more than work. You can edit pictures with a number of features such as aging and blue tone. There are some incredible stickers, frames and other features to help you enjoy your passion for photography.

•           PRO Paint Camera: This is an unusual application that allows you many editing options at a time. You can do contrast correction, change the text fonts and can use the x-ray mode. There are many more aspects PRO Paint Camera, and you will love exploring the editing options.

•           Pic Say: If you are looking forward for photo editing application that’s easy to use, Pic Say is the one for you. You can correct pictures for colors, titles and effects without any effort. It’s one of the powerful application for photography on your android device.

•           Camera Zoom FX: This android application allows you to use more than 40 diverse effects on your pictures and images. From retro to Polaroid, there’s every effect you need.

•           Multi Lens Camera: This application is unique because it allows you to take multiple shots with your camera for getting a single image. Can’t understand it? Take a shot with Multi Lens Camera to know more!

•           Photo Album Organizer: Organizing your pictures is equally valuable as clicking them. This application allows you to organize pictures perfectly in folders for enhanced viewing. Simple and essential!

•           Photo Scrapbook: What about creating a scrapbook of your favorite pictures and images? This widget is designed to help you make a scrapbook of your favorites on the home screen. Cool and easy to understated, this application is a must have for all photographers.

•           Photo Effects: For those looking to create some art with pictures taken by them, this application will suffice the needs. It’s similar to instagram, but comes with some astounding effects. It’s an easy to use application, so you won’t have qualms using it.

•           Vignette: Adding extra light and editing them for color is often essential for photographers, and Vignette allows you just that. You can add light effects and change flairs to make the appearances of your pictures. Quite refreshing for beginners with photography!