Synkron: A Cross Platform File/Folder Synchronization Software

Synkron is a simple Qt application that allows you to sync files and folders to all your devices. It can be used to sync documents, music and pictures everywhere. It supports almost all platforms such as GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Its a simple GUI tool comes with many interesting features. It allows you to sync multiple folders, analyze folders to see what is going to be done. Also it allows you to exclude certain folders from sync that you don’t want and you can restore the files which were overwritten or deleted in previous syncs.

Install Synkron On Ubuntu 13.04

Install the necessary dependencies first:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential libqt4-dev

Download the latest version from

$ wget

Extract it using command:

$ tar -xvf Synkron-1.6.2-src.tar.gz

Change to the Synkron directory and compile it with following commands:

$ cd Synkron-1.6.2-src/
$ sudo lrelease-qt4 
$ sudo qmake-qt4 
$ sudo make

Launch Synkron

Run Synkron using command:

$ ./synkron

The default interface will look like below.

Synkron_004Select the folders you want to sync and click on Sync to start synchronization.

Synkron_005As you see above, the folders Downloads and Entertainment is synchronizing each other contents. If you want to add more folders to sync, click on the (+) sign behind the Sync Folders option.

For more information about Synkron visit the official Documentation page.