Tropico 5 Will Be Arriving On Linux Platform

Tropico is a city building game that takes place in the beautiful land of opportunity known as Tropico where the sun shines everyday of the year.

In this game, you have to play the role of a dictation, trying every moment to keep your family in power for as long as possible. You start your journey during the colonial period and have to face all kind of challenges as you and your country make your way to the top.

Some of the great challenges you will face while working to advance your country include World Wars and the Great Depression.

Life is not easy in reality, and it is not easy in this game too. New challenges rise in the Tropico city and they need solutions, solutions you have to work very hard to find.

Explore your land, discover new resources, invest in scientific and technology research and advance your country to the next level.

Tropico 5 will be available globally on PC (US retail release 27th May), followed by Xbox 360® and Mac versions that will be releasing this summer. There is also a version for Playstation 4 following in autumn according to the official announcement.

What about linux gamers? Will they be able to play this nice game in their linux platforms? The good news is that the team behind the game is currently working on an extensive Steam OS (Linux) but there is not a release date yet.