Try 2 Non-Debian Grandchildren this Summer

April is raining Ubuntu and its family and open source world seems over loaded on Debian distros, what with Canonical adopting a bi-annual release this month forwards. Debian and its derivatives appear to be the flavour of the month but there are far too many Linux distros that are apt for Summer.

Let us look at three distros that are non-Debian Grandchildren. First is the Xange, a true blue blood Fedora with the elegance of KDE. Fusion Linux distro, which runs every application, meant for desktops without requiring new installations is a Fedora that retains its popularity rating for its high-compatibility capability. Third, fuddle around with the Fuduntu on your lappie or netbook and enjoy a summer of flashy, elegance and fuddly distros.

Xange-An all Blue KDE Fedora

Try Xange when you want to go beyond GNOME for the few months. Xange is a standard distro for those of us who want to look at KDE and are hesitant dabble around with the giant GNOME families. Xange is meant for the beginner in us with features that are very user friendly. The distro prides itself on its easy to use aspect and comes preloaded with typical applications such as Skype, aMSN etc. Xange is a true blue distro for your desktop, which will definitely give your desktop a missing dimension.

A Fedora distro, Xange is open source answer for Windows Vista as it uses Wine a open source application for window programs to run on open source operating systems.

Fusion Linux-Fedora’s Mint

If you are used to Linux Mint, zorin and PinguyOS from Ubuntu, here is Fedora distro that will offer you much on the same lines. No hard and sticking setup, but simple direct setup for fully operational operating system for a desktop using Fedora’s key features. The reason Fusion is so much simpler is its preinstalling feature, where applications, codecs from Flash and Java are made available with the distro. Besides, Fusion Linux is always 100% Fedora compatible.

The Gnome desktop is again very Linux-Mint style making it easy for Window migrants to enjoy Open source and Fedora distros but without hassles of learning hard and new rules.

Guidelines for building Fusion Linux are largely a Fedora Remix of ‘Multimedia out of the Box’ or even ‘Beyond Upstream’.

Fuduntu-the elegant Fuddle

If its laptops and netbooks that you use, then Fubuntu is the elegant distro that is just right with well developed power management capabilities and ability to work with Jupiter Applet. It is fantastic for the desktop too given it has a 2.6.38 Linux Kernel and offers great distribution.

This distro belies its name. Funduntu is on par with Linux Mint but is a Fedora derivative. It used the standard Fedora base and with a few add-ons that contour it into an elegant distro that is not only pleasant but also enjoyable to work on. The icon sets and the basic nautilus combined with Funduntu’s default distribution for Flash and MP3 codecs is what sets Fuduntu apart from the rest of Fedora’s derivatives.

Go Fedora and give Debain family a lucky summer break!