Ubuntu 13.10 Beta Final is Available For Download

For how long have you been waiting Ubuntu 13.10 Beta release? Now, you can download it for testing, give it a try and report bugs to the Ubuntu developers team. This beta release does not include many new features and it focuses more on visual improvements than performance ones. But, what are some new features in this beta release of Ubuntu 13.10? Are you curious and can’t wait anymore? Ok, keep on reading, because this article will inform you guys about the new features included with Ubuntu 13.10 Beta, and do not forget, the final release is planed to happen on October 17th.

New Features In Ubuntu 13.10

– Unity 7
– xMir
– Unity Smart Scopes
– Desktop Experience

How often do you guys use Wikipedia? What about the weather, do you care about it or not at all? If you don’t care about Wikipedia and weather I am sure you guys care about bargains. If you have used Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, you probably know about the Smart Scopes Service and Amazon shopping results based on the keyword you typed at the Dash.

Ubuntu 13.10 comes with a new Smart Scopes Service which helps the user with with semantic search results based on the keywords they enter in Dash. This useful service will become more relevant in the future as the it ‘learns’ from what users click on for a given search term. So, how does this thing work, do you like a simple example?

Example Of The Unity Smart Scope Service

For example, when you searching for ‘Barcelona’, will show you any files you have with that word in and also results from various web services (Wikipedia, News, etc.). If you don’t like seeing results from a certain site feel free to disable Scopes on an individual basis. What about applications?

I have to tell you guys that Firefox remains Ubuntu’s web browser of choice and LibreOffice has been bumped up to version 4.1.1. Rhythmbox has been updated to its GNOME 3.8 counterparts and Ubuntu’s installer, now includes an additional step which helps users to configure Ubuntu One Account.

This Beta ships with 18 new community wallpapers, a different default background and 3.11.0-8.15 Ubuntu Linux kernel. Do you want to give it a try and discover more new features?

Download Ubuntu 13.10 Beta Final