VortexBox 1.10 is now available for new devices

If you have just bought yourself, a Samsung TV or use one of the new music devices, then installing the latest VortexBox 1.10 will take your listening pleasurevortexbox-logo to a new level.  VortexBox is a powerful media server distro that has features to rig up your old computer into a music server. Being a fedora distro, VortexBox it is a great example of how open source distros enhance hardware performance.

What’s new on the VortexBox 1.10

After a long gap, new features have been added to VortexBox on the latest version 1.10. Here is look at the most important additions and some of the updates, tweaks and small fixes.

A new kernel is included and so is the SqueezeBox server 7.6.1. Minor updates include- an increase in the UPnP player support; Better BeoSound 5 from Bang & Olufsen support. Now there is an additional Orbiter, VortexBox  which helps you find your VortexBox automatically.

Paying heed to user demands the following features make their way on to VortexBox 1.10.

A single click button that will restore USB backup manager is now included, catering to the increasing demand for such a feature. MP3 mirroring is now available at a faster pace, again a much-sought feature by users. In fact, VortexBox users have tested and found these new features/products on Sonos, Logitech and the new Play:3 satisfying. Hence, support for these devices is assured and fully supported.

What VortexBox does

Once, you have VortexBox running on your old, hardware, it soon evolves into a robust jukebox that automatically rips your CDs, FLAC or MP3 files, ID3-tagging and proceeds to download the cover art as well. And as VortexBox developers claim, all this is done in 15 minutes.

This is followed by moving the files to a network media player. It’s easy-to-install, easy-to-use across multiple platforms from Windows to Mac OS X system gives it an edge, that tempts one into including it in our software collection. VortexBox is known to deliver great streaming on network players such as Logitech SqueezeBox, Sonos, Linn and of course Windows and Macintosh platforms. It also automatically shares SMB-Microsoft files.

Vortex 1.7 can also rip DVDs like MKV/MP4 video files as well. When installing, VortexBox needs an empty hard drive and cannot work with the hard disk partition.

It also serves as a back end server for their XBOX Media Center for Xbox, Windows, OSX, Apple TV or Linux. In fact, with DAAP availability, it automatically streams all MP3s to iTunes, Roku Soundbrides.

Where, VortexBox truly delivers is with the DLNA Support. It has a built-in DLNA server and therefore becomes the core point for all the media. It allows you to play music, video players, and the entire suite of XBOX 360, PlayStation3 as well Windows 7.

Download VortexBox latest version

Compared to previous releases, this release is rather delayed and is available for download here.